Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Arsenal FC: Official Home Kit Unveiled; Rumours About Away Kit for 2010-11

Arsenal FC have officially unveiled their new home kit for the 2011-12 season though many of the rumors circulated among many blogs were true regarding the kit. The new kit is not too dissimilar from the current home kit with the main difference being the logo of the Arsenal.

This new shirt features a crest which is designed to highlight the 125th anniversary of the club since the club was started in the year 1886. The word "Forward" is written below the badge, which has 15 Laurel leaves to the left and 15 Oak leaves to the right.

The 2010-11 home kit has been an unqualified success with the fans with most of them happy with the design. From many blogs, it can be gathered though the 2011-12 shirt is similar to the previous one, the design of the badge commemorating the 125th anniversary could have been designed better. It is expected that the 2011-12 home kit will be a hit and could be iconic if it is the decisive year for the Gunners.

One of the bloggers, Jamrock (a.k.a Michael) posted a link regarding the third kit for the Gunners. Though he is of the opinion that it could turn out to be a fake, it may well turn out to be the official third kit. White could be the color of the third kit for the Gunners as it was in the 2009-10 season.

Many bloggers have confirmed that the away kit for the Gunners is indeed blue. It looks neat and personally, I like this kit more than the current yellow kit though yellow is quite closely associated with the Gunners.
Many Arsenal fans have been disheartened by the recent performances in the last few weeks and there are some blogger advocating a change of manager. Pat Rice is almost certain to leave and Wenger will be in search of an assistant in the summer. Steve Bould, Dragan Stojkovic and even Patrick Vieira have been linked with the job.

Wenger might have endured a number of setbacks in the last few years but he remains he best man to lead the Gunners to success. I shall discuss the reasons regarding my opinion in the future and also embark on the positives of the season.

It has been a long and frustrating season for all Gooners but hope is the feeling which drives us. So let us hope for a better 2011-12 season.


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