Monday, December 27, 2010

Mario Balotelli better than Cesc Fabregas and Wayne Rooney? Please do wake up, Mario!

Mario Balotelli was awarded the Golden Boy award for being named as the best Under 21 player in the world and he finished of exciting talents Jack Wilshere of Arsenal and David De Gea of Atletico Madrid. He has shown that he has excellent potential to become a successful player in the future but his disrespect for fellow footballers will not augur well for him.

After he picked up the award, in truly Balotelli style, he said he did not know who Wilshere was and that he would boast about the trophy the next time City play against Arsenal. He went on to say he was better than all the previous Golden Boy award winners except the Barcelona genius Lionel Messi.

If you are not aware of the previous winners, it includes some very successful players including the likes of Cesc Fabregas and Wayne Rooney. If Balotelli thinks that talent is the only reason why footballers succeed, then he must reconsider that because football is as much about teamwork as much as ability.

Wayne Rooney scored as many as 34 goals in the last season while Balotelli has scored a total of 33 goals in his professional career. Rooney may not be as talented as the Italian but he certainly is more successful than the City striker. He works hard for the team and is always looking to create opportunities for others.

Cesc Fabregas is another player who was blessed with immense potential as was demonstrated by the midfielder in the youth levels for Spain. Arsene Wenger has been very impressed by the Spaniard’s attitude which led to him being named the captain of the Arsenal team at the age of 21.

Balotelli scored a brace against Salzburg and was yet asked to do more by his manager Roberto Mancini and the experienced Patrick Viera. His work rate has been very poor for City and he should work for the team in order to be successful in the Premiership.

He is no longer a kid at the age of 20 and has got to behave in a professional manner. Balotelli has had his fair share of quarrels in the past but it is time he started to concentrate more on his football and work hard to become a successful footballer.He is a confident young lad who has made mistakes in the past but football would lose one of its excellent young talents if he does not realise his true potential.

He might be as good as Wayne Rooney or Cesc Fabregas in the future but he is certainly not in the same class as the two at present. He has set himself a high target of acquiring the Ballon D’Or in the future but for that, he must put his head down and work hard for himself and the team or it could well be a dream he will never achieve.

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